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BABOR - the German beauty pioneer. Founded by renowned biochemist Dr. Michael Babor in 1956, the company has been steadfastly focused on innovation and has established itself as a true pioneer in the field of professional skincare.

The BABOR Research and Innovation Centre has been transforming the secrets of nature into natural, high-tech products for over 55 years. These products combine nature and science to create synergetically optimised quality. The research department has been a pillar of the company since the very beginning, and has helped BABOR to establish a leading position amongst its international competitors.

Interdisciplinary teams of scientists and collaborations with renowned universities, other leading research institutes, as well as massage specialists, ensure that BABOR achieves groundbreaking research results and that all BABOR products and treatments achieve the highest level of efficacy and performance – for a visibly improved, lasting, healthy skin tone. Many of the select active and other ingredients are from the natural world of plants, and are obtained from fair-trade sources and organically grown. Each product is a consistent symbol of “Beauty, Made in Germany”.

Each individual product range is subjected to an exhaustive quality control process: from the development of the products in BABOR’s own laboratories, to the manufacturing process, to dispatch.

BABOR is represented by distributors in over 60 countries across the world and manages subsidiaries in Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Great Britain, Canada and the USA. Regular training sessions in the BABOR Training Centre, at the company’s headquarters in Aachen, guarantee that the high-quality, and consultation-intensive products, are utilised in the best possible way worldwide. Thousands of beauty professionals across the globe put their trust in BABOR.

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HY-OL 200 ml R422.00
Phytoactive Base (dry skin) 100 ml R341.00
Phytoactive Sensitive (sensitive skin) 100 ml R341.00
Phytoactive Reactivating (anti-aging) 100 ml R341.00
Phytoactive Combination (oily and acne skin) 100 ml R341.00
Enzyme Cleanser 75 g R545.00
Mild Peeling 50 ml R362.00
Thermal Spray 200 ml R430.00

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Sun Care Cream Anti-Aging SPF 30 75 ml R645.00

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Sensational Eyes Reactivating Eye Cream

Supple eye cream to minimize fine lines and wrinkles and to reduce dark circles under the eyes

15 ml R792.00
Sensational Eyes Cooling Eye Gel

Cooling, oil free gel to reduce puffiness and bags under the eyes and to refresh the skin

20 ml R726.00
Lip Repair Balm 4 g R185.00

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Pure Intense Purifying Cream

 24hr anti blemish care for clearing blemished skin and acne

50 ml R378.00
Pure Purifying Anti Aging Cream

24hr intensive cream that combats blemishes and reduces the appearance of first lines and wrinkles

50 ml R1,132.00
Advance Biogen Intense Revitalizing Cream

Vitalizing 24hr intensive nourishment for support of cell regeneration with rock rose and retinol

50 ml R1,132.00
Advance Biogen Mimical Control Cream

Effective 24hr care to reduce expression lines and help for anti-aging

50 ml R1,132.00
Perfect Combination Daily Mattifying Cream

Effective 24hr care with a light feel provides intensive moisture and visibly mattifies and complexion for combination & oily skin

50 ml R1007.00
Calming Sensitive Daily Calming Cream

Exclusive 24hr calms and protects sensitive skin

50 ml R1028.00
Intensifier Couperose Cream

Intensive nourishment for all skin types with couperose, telangiectasia, rosacea or prone to enlarged , reduces visible red blood vessels

50 ml R1,139.00
Intensifier Couperose Serum

Effective active ingredient serum for all skin types with couperose, telangiectasia, rosacea or prone to enlarged, reduces visible red blood vessels

30 ml R653.00
Intensifier Firming Neck & De’collete’ Cream

Intensive nourisment for neck and De’colletage for more elasticity and smoothness, for all skin types

50 ml R1055.00
HSR Lifting Extra Firming Cream

Luxurious lifting cream with unique anti-wrinkle effect protects collagen and elastin fibres, significantly improves skinelsticity, smoothes small lines and wrinkles, for smoother, firmer and younger-looking skin

50 ml R1,997.00
HSR Lifting Extra Firming Cream Rich

Luxurious, rich lifting cream with unique anti-wrinkle effect for dry skin, rich but does not lie heavy on the skin, liftolution creates and immediate lifing effect, lends the skin a youthful, firm and fresh appearance thanks to the active ingredients

50 ml R2,202.00


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Biogen Cellular Ultimate Repair Cleanser

Mild facial cleansing milk to gently cleanse skin in need of regeneration, effectively removes pollutants and impurities, make up and excess sebum

200 ml R692.00
Whitening Cellular Skin Brightening Serum

Effective skin care for uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation for all skin types, Reveal an even, refined, porcelain-like complexion

50 ml R1,345.00
Derma Cellular Spot Reducer Serum

Serum for intensive reduction of pigment spots and hiperpigmentation prevents blochiness and ensures an event complexion

4.5 ml R958.00
Purity Blemish Reducing Cream

A neurocosmetic 24 hour anti-blemish cream, effectively reduces acute, stress-induced blemishes, used regularly skin appears clearer and more even-toned and is less susceptible to prone to break out

50 ml R1,151.00

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Hydra Plus Active Fluid

For dry, dehydrated skin, replenishes the skin with the moisture it needs Rebalances moisture content with hyaluronic acid, for plumped up and fresh-looking skin

7*2 ml R692.00
Algae Active Fluid

For vitalization and moisturization of the skin, deep moisturizing purifying, supplies and seals in moisture, stimulates microcirculation

7*2 ml R539.00
New Skin Fluid

For smooth regenerated skin, regulates skin’s natural oil and moisture balance, expecially for dry skin lacking in lipids, strengthens skin’s resistance to external influences

7*2 ml R791.00
Multi Active Vitamin Fluid

For all skin types, especially for dry skin lacking oil, Vitamin A supplies the cells with an important building block that they need for cell renewal

7*2 ml R692.00
Purifying Active Fluid

For acute skin impurities and spots, provides instant relief in the caseb of blemishes and inflammation, reduces skin blemishes by 21% after 7 days and by 47% after 28 days, reduce number of blackheads

7*2 ml R410.00
3D Lifting Fluid

Contains a triple-action formula which works to reduce wrinkles, tighten the skin and strengthen its natural contours

7*2 ml R831.00

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Cleansing Gel & Tonic 2 in 1 200 ml R428.00
Energizing Age Preventing Gel-Cream

24hr Vitalizing anti-aging facial care for men’s skin

50 ml R1032.00
Ultra Comfort Shaving Foam

The unique shaving experience through and gentle

200 ml R423.00
Calming After Shave Fluid

Calming aftershave concentrate for sensitive skin

50 ml R726.00

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